The Sky's the limit!

Updated: Jul 14

Here at The Igloo Inn, the sky really is the limit! We love nothing more than creating the most magical celebrations. Whether it's a long overdue gathering with friends or a very special birthday, we know how important it is for every detail to be considered with the absolute love, care and attention. It brings us the greatest job satisfaction to create the perfect ambience for your celebration!

Consistently striving for the highest of standards entails some key steps...

  • Planning

The first and foremost element of any event is to plan. A detailed plan and structure allows everyone involved to be on the same page, to know what is happening, when and how. Its imperative to the success of any event. The more information and detail, however small a point the better!

  • Timing

Creating an event ultimately means there are time constraints to work to. With a clear 'plan' (see above) timings should be detailed for all processes required to set up. From cleaning and loading equipment all the way through to the final finishing touches. Unequivocally, the more time you have in the planning stage the easier and smoother the event on the day will be.

  • Contingency

Fail safe! As an event planner, I have learnt through the years that you must create contingencies wherever possible... absolutely everywhere possible!! There is nothing more important tan building contingency into your equipment, be it spare sets of vital decorative items or timing in the already planned processes. If you always have a contingency for every eventuality you will never be caught unawares!

Some key tips for that can be applied to any event! Then finally, all that will be left to to do is sit back and enjoy the party with some of your favourite bubbles!

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