The igloo Inn creates the celebration of your dreams...

Memories that last a lifetime

The igloo Inn was founded by Emma, a professional Marketing and Events consultant with over 20yrs of industry experience and a larger than life passion for event planning. From intimate parties to large-scale affairs, we ensure that every detail is flawlessly planned and executed from start to finish.


About The igloo Inn

The Igloo Inn is a one-stop resource for unique, beautifully designed and expertly executed igloo events. Based in Berkshire, our stunning igloos provide the most magical 360 view to elevate any celebration.  Close partnerships with superb local suppliers allows us to cater specifically for your needs, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke, exceptional events where the memories made will last a lifetime!

Our design-savvy, passionate team excels at interpreting your vision and ideas, seamlessly bringing them to life. Whether it's ornate decorations and romantic lighting, entertainment and hors d'oeuvres, we can take care of every detail. Go ahead and enjoy - rest assured your celebration is in the safest of hands and we’ve got it covered every step of the way.

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